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Miami Beach Plays Host to the World

Hospitality is a tradition in Miami Beach and entertainment has become a fine art. The growth of this area as the world’s foremost wintertime resort center is founded on service and courtesy to the vacationist. Hotel and apartment managers have become specialists in caring for the needs of visitors. As a result, the tourist capacity

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Modern Magic Carpets to Miami Beach

Pilgrims to the Cities of the Sun have a choice of several “magic carpet” modes of travel. If you’re in a hurry you can take off any evening on regularly scheduled airliners from New York or Chicago and fly the entire distance overnight. By rail, it’s only 28 hours from New York to the golden [...]

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Miami Beach | Islands in the Sun

Host to some 6,000,000 guests annually, Miami Beach attracts vacationers every month of the year from every part of the United States, Canada and Latin America. Here are lodgings for 175,000 visitors in 380 hotels and 2,700 apartment buildings, all within a few minutes of ocean beaches, golf courses, fine shops, restaurants, deep-sea fishing, night [...]

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