Nobu Restaurant at the Shore Club Hotel

A one of a kind experience awaits for you at Nobu, located in the posh Shore Club Hotel. A-List clientele line up for tables at this exclusive dining haven, where the cuisine is ground-breaking to say the least.

If you are not an adventurous diner or one with deep pockets, Nobu isn’t for you. For those who like to walk on the wild-side of dining, place yourself in the hands of the expertly trained waitstaff, who will recommend a myriad of Peruvian-influenced dishes, all of which are small and range from $20-25 per plate.

Just because one plate is inexpensive, don’t expect to leave without spending $100 per person on food alone. By the time you throw in the delicious sake and sakitinis, the price can double. But it is well worth it, being that the energetic atmosphere and constant celebrity sightings rival with the food to be the center of this dining experience.

Nobu is located at 1901 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139. Phone: 305.695.3232

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Article by: CityGirl

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