Van Dyke Café

Van Dyke Cafe on Lincoln Road

Mark Soyka- the man behind News Café’s success-cloned his idea for a prime-spot eatery called the Van Dyke Café that combines local and national publications with high quality food and brought it to Lincoln Road. And with the addition of partners Graziano Sbroggio, of TiramesU and Segafredo fame, and Luca Voltarel, also of Segafredo, the Van Dyke Café only gets better with age.

Locals love this casual café, which offers adorable bistro-style seats lining the ever-popular Lincoln. Van Dyke has an upscale dining experience feel without the upscale prices. The food here is much better than at its Ocean Drive counterpart, and the patrons tend to be of the classier genre as well.

The menu features everything under the sun, but we recommend sticking to the basics: The breakfast is killer, and the burgers are a delight, but entrees tend to be hit or miss. For a real treat, come by for the live jazz that takes place “Upstairs” which has recently undergone renovation transforming it into the coziest place in Miami Beach.

If you don’t want to pay the $5 cover to have a table in the jazz lounge, feel free to sit out onside, enjoy the sites and sounds of Lincoln Road and listen to the tunes floating out of the window down to the sidewalk below.

Van Dyke Café is located at 846 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139. Phone: 305.534.3600


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