Under the Tropical Miami Beach Sun

Miami and Miami Beach are some 1300 miles nearer the equator than the famous resorts of the Mediterranean Riviera and about 600 miles further south than Los Angeles, California. The average. temperature here for December, January and February is 58 degrees, as compared with 50 degrees on the Riviera and 56 degrees at Los Angeles. The average daily range, in temperature here is only 11.6 degrees, whereas in Los Angeles it is 20.3 degrees. The Gulf Stream, with its uniform 72-degree temperature, is a vast ocean stream sixty miles in width which swings close in southeast Florida coast. Constant easterly breezes,  sweeping across the Gulf Stream, are mild and balmy in winter and cool in summer. The Miamians are close to the winter route of the sun and thus receive the full benefit of the shorter, more direct ultraviolet rays.

There’s a strange fascination, a magic allure, about these modern Cities of the Sun — Miami and Miami Beach, Florida. Ponce de Leon was inspired by this spell of the tropics when he came to these shores in search of the Fountain of Youth. Buccaneers of the Spanish Main felt the urge and buried their golden doubloons beneath Florida sand. Countless legions, through four centuries of tumultuous history, have had their share in the building of the world’s greatest winter resort. Today, metropolitan towers cast their shadows across the tropic seas, but the same mysterious magic whispers through the palm fronds. Thousands of visitors hear the call and come south to the nation’s playground for their annual season of sunshine and fun. They’ve discovered that it’s the only sure method of really outwitting winter.