Sushi Rock Café

Sushi Rock Café on Collins Avenue

Sushi and Rock blend together at this casual Collins Avenue eatery, which is a favorite for all the sushi lovers who make their way into town.

The snazzy menu covers feature pictures of pop stars while the cuisine itself is laden with fresh Japanese fare at prices that are friendly enough for the whole family. Rock music plays at a conversation-friendly level while you sip on your hot sake and wait for the sushi chefs to work their magic with the extremely fresh fish.

Once the classic rolls are brought to your table by the friendly staff, your taste buds will be in heaven. If you prefer to have your food cooked, the menu offers some great Japanese choices, Yaki-Tori (grilled, skewered chicken). Delivery is available, allowing you to have their delicious sushi wherever you are in South Beach.

Sushi Rock Café is located at 1351 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139.


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