Nexxt Café

Nexxt Cafe on Lincoln Road

Every time we walk down Lincoln Road, it seems Nexxt Café has expanded. Their outside table area keeps growing and growing, a new table filling in every free spot in the vicinity of the restaurant in order to meet the demands of the crowds of hungry diners who agree: You simply can’t go wrong at Nexxt.

Their menu stretches even farther than the expansive seating, listing choices ranging from Barbecue Duck Dumpling appetizers for $8.50 to a Cajun Rib-Eye Steak for $25.95, and also offers absolutely every thing in between! With enormous omelets, pizzas, pastas, gigantic salads, Mexican entrees, steaks, chicken dishes, burgers and more on the menu, there literally is something for everyone’s tastes.

Prime people-watching on Lincoln Road

This is all paired with an equally expansive drink menu that consistently has everyone asking, “What’s your ‘Nexxt’ cocktail?” While here, don’t pass on desserts: They have enough cheesecakes, brownie Sundays and other treats (such as fresh baked cookies by the dozen, served warm right out of the oven with a to-go box for the extras!) to satisfy every chocolate craving.

Take a look at the portions at the tables around you before ordering: Their servings are ENORMOUS, and most people tend to over order on their first trip to the café. Take our advice: You do not need to start with an appetizer at this place, but given the delicious choices, you probably will anyways.

Nexxt Café is located at 700 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139. Phone: 305.532.6643