LMFAO | Laughing All the Way to the Bank

LMFAO: Laughing All the Way to the Bank

LMFAO: Laughing All the Way to the Bank

Tonight’s big launch of LMFAO’s latest fashion line is the talk of the town! Perhaps a one-joke and one-hit wonder, the group’s summer anthem “I’m in Miami Bitch” still brings crowds alive whenever it plays in clubLand. To extend their 15 minutes straight into fall, these enterprising musicians have partnered with Mod Media to stage a fashion show at Mansion tonight to roll out their PARTY ROCK clothing line at “International Wednesdays.”

Vantage Magazine sponsors tonight’s gig while they celebrate the release of their October Issue. DJs Ron Luna and Konflikt are on deck to keep the hump day party moving all night long. LMFAO’s Party Rock takes booty shaking electro-crunk to a whole new level of teenaged dorky delight. While the event is restricted to those over 21, we’re pretty confident the teen set are the only ones still blasting hits like “Shots” and “Lil Hipster Girl” through their iPod headphones this late in the game.

An uncle and nephew duo, LMFAO keeps it all in the family with beats devised by Foo and Sky, who joined the Black Eyed Peas will.i.a,m Music Group after recording and producing a quick series of wildly successful dance tracks including the South Beach spoof. Dubbed Party Rock, this single summertime album has evolved into a multi-platform musical movement with the clothing line spinning off of their unique stage attire.

“It’s always better to have a party in your life,” says Foo. “Fun and laughter, the girls, dancing, celebrating. We want to feel the same way walking down the sidewalk as we do on stage.” The kooky duo appear in public in pimp jackets, oversized glasses, fake fur and 80s stretch neon leopard print pants. This unique combination of vintage treasures combined with new bits of their own Party Rock brand is all Foo and Sky now wear. And according to the guys, their stylish looks are a foolproof fashion formula. “We get way more women now,” says Sky.

See for yourself at Mansion tonight!

LMFAO’s Party Rock line will take the stage at International Wednesdays, 1235 Washington Avenue.