For some people, Chinese food stirs up memories of gaudy mom and pop restaurants with shiny red booths, clattering serveware and big bowls of chow mein noodles and sticky white rice. For those people—and anyone with a preconceived notion of Asian dining—a night at Hakkasan will be nothing short of a revelation. Chef Alan Yau brings all the sophistication of his award-winning London restaurant to the Fontainebleau Resort and serves some of the most distinctive Asian cuisine in an atmosphere of warmth and sophistication. The carved, dark wood partitions that define each dining salon still allow a hint of the expansive ocean views that sparkle along the entire length of the dining room.  The opposite interior wall behind the chic cocktail lounge is bathed in light from a specialized motion projector that mimics the quiet reaches of the ocean floor. The overall effect is soothing and serene.

Hakkasan offers a variety of the chef’s signature dumplings and dim sum items, standouts from the West End menu that are truly some of the best in town. On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, guests can make a meal of these delicious Chinese tidbits but they also make a perfect starter any night of the week. House tea-smoked duck and pork BBQ are subtly flavored, with crisp, greaseless exteriors and juicy meat. Entrees of prime beef, fresh local seafood and house pulled noodles are served family-style for the table to share. Small ramekins of flavorful sauces, vinegar and soy bring out the undertones of each dish. Servers are friendly, unusually attractive and very helpful navigating some of the more exotic dishes. If you are unfamiliar with Asian cuisine, follow the waiter’s suggestions and get ready to be dazzled. Hakkasan is a unique destination for foodies and adventurous diners that is nothing short of impressive.

4441 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL

Written by: CityGirl

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