Front Porch Cafe

Front Porch Cafe

Critic's ChoiceOcean Drive caters to a tourist market, but locals have claimed Front Porch Café for themselves. On any given morning, (or early afternoon!) this café is packed with South Beachers who are hammering for a good, home-style breakfast amongst friends.

The atmosphere is always jovial and busy (and the wait can be long!) as customers try to rehydrate with fresh-squeezed orange juice while gossiping about the goings-on of the night before. The café has a “come as you are” attitude, allowing people to roll out of bed or stumble off the beach and plop down on the patio for some amazing pancakes or eggs, which are served all day long.

The view of the Atlantic also has a way of washing the hangovers away, along with the help of the amazing Bloody Marys. If you spent all your cash out the night before, be sure to swing by an ATM before stopping for the grub: Front Porch Café doesn’t accept credit cards.

Front Porch is located at 1458 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139. Phone: 305.531.8300


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