Casa Tua Miami Beach Restaurant

Casa Tua

“Immerse yourself in the art of good living,” and go to Casa Tua, a private secluded restaurant/club that makes its home in Miami Beach. The idea behind Casa Tua (“Your House” in Italian) is that it is more than a restaurant, less than a hotel: basically, it’s a home. Casa Tua may be like your home, if you happen to have a Villa in Italy.

A playground for the rich and famous, Casa Tua is a private club where “interesting people from around the globe” can come to enjoy the finer things in life while creating additional business contacts to ensure they make enough money to pay for the private membership at the club.

For those of us who aren’t members of the elite group are still welcome to dine at the restaurant, which is set up to make guests feel as if they are enjoying their classic Italian cuisine at the home of a close friend. Dining options include a chef’s table indoors, or more extensive seating among the lush tropical gardens.

The menus are set up to look like photo albums, and they include family recipes that have been perfected over the ages. The attention to detail is awe-inspiring. Every single dish has its own unique olive oil used in the recipes to bring out the distinct flavors. Every table is decorated with fresh cut flowers.

Every bottle of wine from the boutique list is carefully selected to match the menu, which features proscuitto only from free-range pigs. The prices are staggering, but for a meal at Casa Tua, any amount is worth it.

Casa Tua is located at 1700 James Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139. Phone: 305.673.1010


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