Blue Sea

Blue Sea

Blue Sea at the Delano Hotel

Offering prime people watching in the lobby of the magnificent Delano hotel, Blue Sea offers exotic and traditional sushi choices alike.

Those lucky enough to snag a seat are all seated round the communal table that makes up the entire restaurant. Dinner is served only on a first-come, first serve basis—no reservation accepted—and since the restaurant (like the hotel) is incredible popular, it is best to get there early.

Sister restaurant to the uber-fabulous Blue Door, Blue Sea is a communal meal where the diners are meant to feel like they are eating in their own kitchen… Or at least in the kitchen of designer Phillip Starke’s childhood.

The design of the lobby of the Delano is largely based on Starke’s memory of childhood, and no where is this more reflected than in Blue Sea. The communal table and oversized decorations represent how large everything appeared when Starke was a child.

Just because the décor pays homage to yesteryear, the food doesn’t follow suit. The progressive sushi cuisine is made up of unique rolls like the Barbeque Eel Roll ($16) made with mango, coconut, crabmeat stick and black sesame seeds and the Jumbo Maki roll made with spicy tuna, olives, almonds, raisins, cooked mahi mahi, spicy mayo, rice and nori ($18).

Traditional offerings round out the menu, which is complimented by one of the most superb sake lists in town.

Blue Sea is located at 1685 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139. Phone: 305.674.6400