11th Street Diner in Miami Beach

11th Street Diner in Miami Beach

American comfort food is more popular now than ever before and the 11th Street Diner, a traditional aluminum dining car, serves up the classics 24 hours a day. An unlikely structure in the Art Deco District, the original club car first served food in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania until it was moved to South Beach and reconstructed in its current location in 1992.

The all night diner is a staple of hard working cities like New York and New Jersey and the 11th Street diner is a popular hang out for hard partying South Beach with a full bar serving Thursday through Sunday until midnight.  Burgundy vinyl booths, glass block windows and the stainless steel lunch counter fairly vibrate with the busy chatter of hungry customers enjoying all day breakfast service, blue plate dinner specials and a bottomless cup of coffee.

While the check at many South Beach restaurants adds up fast, the 11th Street diner menu’s hearty and filling burgers, hot sandwiches and home style entrees are only about twelve bucks. Add on a thick milkshake or malt, a slice of pie or a frosty beer and you’ll be refreshed and ready to hit the road!

11th Street Diner
1065 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida 33139

photo credit: Joseph Brown


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